Putty x64 Latest SVN Build

Today i received a request from an American University for a x64 build of Putty, but using the latest SVN source as they required the GSSAPI support. I had a few hours so i did it.

The installer is here: Puttyx64_SVN-1.60.1.msi

The binaries are here: Puttyx64_SVN-1.60.1.zip

The installer will upgrade your existing Putty x64 installation from 0.60 to the latest SVN (revision 9026).

The new version will appear as 1.60.1. Let me explain this number. The first ‘1’ says that it is from the unstable branch, the ‘60’ says that it is from SVN after the 0.60 stable release. The final ‘1’ is a build number, each time i build from SVN it will be incremented until 0.61 is reached, then it will be reset to 1.