Timetable Converter

What and Why?

Timetable Converter is a Python Script to turn a CSV into a iCal file.

The Main intention for this script is for Computer Science Students at the University of york to beable to generate a iCal from a simple CSV.

This solution isnt perfect as you still need to generate the CSV to begin with, but its a start.

Tested on IronPython 2.0.2 and Python 2.6


> ipy TimetableConverter.py

The Code

The code is fairly simple, and you can download the whole package, including sampleĀ CSV here

If you want to modify the format of how Sessions are put into the CSV you will need to modify the following lines (Lines 64-67)

#Modify theses line to change description/summary/location depending on your format
#My format is "Summary Location"
sum = item[i].split(' ')
event.add('summary', sum[0])
event.add('location', sum[1])

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