MacBook Pro – Review

So i have had my MacBook Pro for a few weeks now so i thought i would write down some comments about it, and any improvements Apple could make.

  • Matt Screen Option for 13” MBP (I am looking at getting a Matte screen protector)
  • Ability to Boot Windows Installer from USB without rEFIt (It can boot OS X / Linux from USB just not Windows – which seems weird as all modern bioses can (yes i know the MBP has EFI instead of a regular BIOS))
  • Option not to have a Super Drive, maybe replace with secondary hard disk drive, or bigger battery (think how many more hours that could add would make it the ultimate portable laptop).
  • I have set Windows 7 to be the default start-up partition, but every time i boot into OS X (rarely) it resets this to OS X, which if well – annoying. Imagine if Microsoft pulled a trick like this with the default web browser.
  • Maybe have options for or to remove the IR receiver and card slot they take a bit out of the minimal design, and the card slot will just collect dirt.
  • Move the sleep light to one of the sides, so the front is that bit cleaner.
  • Have some sort of covers for the various ports on the side, might improve the design a bit, and keep the unused ones clean (I mean who ever uses the Ethernet one? Which for me with just collect dirt and bits.)
  • Make the Touchpad slightly bigger, there isn’t much space, but every millimetre counts on these things.

Apart from that its a pretty good machine, and while i am not using OS X that much (it is more of a “Fisher Price My First OS” type of OS) as Unix OS’s go its pretty good, and while i have been on a rubbish internet connection it has made a good substitution for SSH’ing into my server, although i do not know how much longer it will remain on the laptop.

I should be getting some stickers soon from @bennuk (Microsoft Developer Evangelist), which should make my laptop look awesome. Will blog some pictures when i get them.

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