RedKite – New UI Design

A few weeks ago one of my misguided friends showed me his favourite twitter client – tweetie, and it has a very good UI layout idea. Rather than having a selection of tabs or filters across the top, it has them down the side. This solves the problem i was trying to solve in the UI of custom created tabs and filters.

So the initial problem was that i wanted a single column of tweets, and from my experience of twitter clients i automatically had the tabs on the top of the column of tweets, this lead to only having 4 tabs before i ran out of space. Anyway i saw tweetie and saw how it did it down the left side and this would solve my problem so i have taken a shot at implementing it.

In this design i have also customized and added extra features, a optional Close button so the tab can be closed, and a number which represents the the number of new tweets in that tab.

RedKite I am still working on making the code and templates for this properly, so it can be themed with minimal effort, if you want to take a look at the code, head over to my project on CodePlex and tell me what you think.

I’m about to start working on the Art for the splash screen and icons, so they should be up here soon.

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