VS2010 Beta 1, and the annoying bug it has created

I have had VS2010 Beta 1 since Tuesday, and its brilliant, it seriously good, and i have been working on my twitter client in it. 

But all this good has been destroyed by one little annoying bug (my Microsoft Connect bug report). 

Basically when i access a menu item in any of the following applications (List Growing) Live Writer, Explorer, IE8, Live Mesh. The Menu Item will not disappear, but it will persist. Now here’s the weird bit, to clean the menu item i just need to close Media Center or Media Player. 

Its very weird and very annoying when its in the middle of the screen. 

I know its beta and i should expect bugs but MS please patch this ASAP!!!

Windows 8 my wish list

Windows 7 is finished, and its very good, and very polished, and it introduces a lot of new very good features but you can always add more, and can always improve so here’s my wish list for Windows 8.

  • User mode file system interface.
  • More emphasis on .Net and WPF. It should be used in all the utility applications in Windows, (Paint, Notepad, WordPad, Calculator).
  • Aero Snap to corners. So 4 windows on the screen, one in each corner.
  • Make MSI(Large Installations) and Click Once(Small Utility Installations with auto update) the default and only way to install Software. This helps provide a more consistent setup interface, and should also get rid of the problem of faulty installers.
  • Release a Free “Visual Studio” Edition for creating MSI and Click Once installers to make the above point easier for developers to achieve, (especially for those who are not already using Visual Studio for Development).
  • Built in PDF/PS reader.
  • SVG Support.
  • Update WMP Interface, take tips from Zune Player
  • Add Extensions to .Net to cover Windows Specific Elements like Jump lists and etc(This could happen with .Net 4.0). This make it easier than having to use Windows7Integration and Vista Bridge Interop Code.
    Chances are i will follow this post up but for now its all i can think off. It was really hard work to come up with this list… Windows 7 is just that good.

This is NOT a flaw!!

It has been circulating the web recently about a flaw in Windows 7 security (see http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00001675.html)

The fact you can name a file virus.txt.exe and only see the virus.txt and the application can change the icon to match this is not a flaw.

In most cases it will not let you execute the program if it has come from an unsafe location, eg removable media, the Internet, as you will get a lovely pop-up warning you that its a possible unsafe file, and asks if your sure you want to execute it. So for this flaw to be taken advantage of, the file has to be put on the computer, and marked as safe or trusted.

So is it a flaw? No

Do people take more notice of the icon than the extension? Yes

Is this just nit picking because Microsoft’s OS is finally (most probably, no major exploit has been found in Windows 7, and Vista only had the Conflicker one which was a known issue) as secure as OS X or Linux? Yes, I think so.